Michigan Center of Innovation for Education

The Center of Innovation for Education (CIE) is a not-for-profit, public-private effort to facilitate greater innovation, collaboration and reinvention throughout Michigan’s education system to achieve measurable benefits for students. The CIE aims to turn movement into momentum.

Michigan CIE Board Members (August 2016)

The Center was founded in 2011 to bring partnerships together to achieve “anytime, anyplace, anyway, any place” innovations in K12 Education.The Michigan CIE board is intended to provide project leadership and policy oversight on behalf of project funders.

Section 21.g – Talent Transcript

In FY2017, the Michigan Legislature funded a pilot project through the Michigan CIE focusing on surfacing the challenges faced by school districts in transcripting non-academic skills and experiences that combine with mastery of academic subjects in Competency Based Education (CBE) programs. The CIE organized three pilot programs:

Michigan After- and Out-of-School Partnerships

In-District Competency-Based Education

West Michigan Talent Development Pipeline

Our project surfaced the need for a Talent Transcript, a means of surfacing the career-ready skills and experiences on student’s transcripts that add real world value for employers, colleges and universities for students as they explore and pursue 21st Century careers.